endlesssummerofme replied to your photo:I make pretty bomb homemade chicken noodle soup,…

Well now you HAVE to share the recipe …

Ummm it’s kind of one of those, “A little of this, a little of that” recipes… I’ll do my best though!

  • 10 cups of water
  • Enough chicken bouillon

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The Rugrats don’t have time for your gender-essentialist bullshit.

h and i already agreed our kid will be raised on the cartoons we were raised on, and mister rogers instead of the modern nonsense. 

this show was perfect on so many levels..

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Look what song came on as I’m looking at donors for my future child.

I said in 7th grade I was gonna have sex to this song one day.

Mission sort of accomplished.


Key & Peele have some tips for attending a gay wedding in this new sketch from the Season Four premiere, airing tonight after South Park.

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We’ve been married for 16 years. We’ve both gotten a bit rounder than we used to be, but what isn’t hotter has grown warmer. I have to admit I never really understood how growing older would be when I was younger. Let me see if I can explain what I mean.

When I see my wife now, it’s like looking at a person in a time warp. She has a certain smile that takes me back to a memory of our honeymoon. There is a mischievous grin that puts me inside a moment when we were still dating. She has these little hairs that curl right below her ear that make me think of the first morning I woke up with her next to me.

There are so many layers now; such a deep, wonderful complexity about how she makes me feel when I see her. She’s like a succulent dish that has been prepared by a master chef. Or a rich, velvety wine with that perfect blend of buttery smoothness and dry finish. She is my heart, my love, truly my better half. She helps me to be the kind of man and father I’ve always wanted to be.

Am I attracted to her? Oh, god, yes. No matter how we look now, I see her across all the years as a kind of gestalt vision of who she is and what she means to me. She is the most interesting and attractive person I’ve ever had in my life. No one else even comes a close second.


Ceremony pictures from our wedding. I can die happy now. This is love.

June 14th, 2014 -Tara & Mandi

Follow our journey here:

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just a few of the many reasons why I’m excited for when the tumblr generation becomes parents


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Peanut Butter stuffed Caramel Apples Tutorial

  • These are awesome cuz you have to wrap them in pie crust! they’re like mini pies but served in real apples!!! You also use the crust to make autumn leaves as decorations! 

get out


Well, I know what I’m making this weekend.

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