Peanut Butter stuffed Caramel Apples Tutorial

  • These are awesome cuz you have to wrap them in pie crust! they’re like mini pies but served in real apples!!! You also use the crust to make autumn leaves as decorations! 

get out


Well, I know what I’m making this weekend.

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Lesbians make great mothers

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for future reference.

Yes!! I needed this today. I’m going to use it to make my weekly lunches


All having k in town did was make me really excited about having our own child to share our awesome life with…


Car trips breed conversation and during today’s ride home from visiting K, H and I were casually chatting about life after thirty, babies last name changes etc… When we realized we just don’t do things proposing, we just assume forever.

And we both like it that way. People make such a big deal but look at the divorce rate…. Maybe the secret is in assuming forever.

We will change our last names to a hyphen version, we’ll probably have a reception to celebrate it but we won’t have a ceremony. We don’t need to, our forever started when we were 18 and what it really deserves is recognition and celebration.

This is why our love is real and ready for life after 30… We both just assume forever.

can’t believe I’m planning her 30th birthday already.